Pasadena International House of Prayer

I went to the Well at PiHop today. It was pretty awesome. It is a prophetic prayer ministry and I found out about it through two lovely friends at church!


I went there two times in the past. The first time I went, I ended up crying because what they said really touched my heart. The second time I went, it was my very first semester being involved in a big student organization (over 700 members) that ended up changing my life! There, the people praying for me didn’t know anything about me except my name and the number on my sticker but one of them prayed that God was about to do something very exciting in my life.

She saw visions of me about to dive into a pool and said that He was going to open doors for me. Another added that she saw a vision of me behind red curtains and that the curtains were about to open. A few months later, I was holding three new board positions in this organization and then later went on to become even more involved to the point of actually helping choose people for those board positions. I also helped to introduce new measures and programs that really benefited people.

Even now, I’m completing my summer internship with PwC and it’s been quite an inspiring experience. Whatever God has in mind for me, I’m excited to do it and to follow His will.



This time, I left feeling full of joy. My dear friend and I arrived early for our individual sessions. When the 8pm session started, a man came up to talk about some of PIHOP’s programs. However, before he started he said that he sensed God was showing him that there were a lot of people with strong faith in the audience tonight. He looked around and said brightly, “I feel strongly that whoever you are in the audience, God wants you to know that He’s going to give you what you want. He’s going to give you faith.”

This was important to me, more so than my individual session later on. I made a big mistake last week and one that got me obsessing over it a lot. I woke up thinking about it today and I went to sleep thinking about it last night. It’s a weird mistake that doesn’t feel ‘like’ me, but my friend said that if I did it, it IS me. And so, I’m facing this monster in my life right now called my tongue… and it’s been a rough battle to say the least.

However, this mistake, which we’ll call Balcony Gate, is definitely going to change my mindset on everything.

I feel like God was speaking to me in that moment and showing me that He would help me overcome this mistake. Things will be okay. I can only put my trust in Him and hope.

My prayer session was interesting. What stood out to me the most was what one of the prayers shared about how God isn’t evil or someone who enjoys testing me in weird ways. He’s my partner and He will give me the resources I need to achieve what He wants me to achieve. So that was really encouraging. I have a lot of plans in life but none of them mean anything if it doesn’t correlate with what He wants for me.

After PIHOP, my friend went to go get her essay done and I went to have some dinner with my mom at JJ’s Diner in Monterey Park. Gotta get that quality time! :]