I’m super grateful for my internship this summer! The team is really friendly and I’ve had a lot of fun so far. It’s been almost a month since I started.

During this internship, I’ve had the chance to…


PwC social at Dodger’s Stadium

Develop relationships

God has really blessed me! I had lunch/coffee with some managers, seniors and associates who were able to share some of their knowledge with me. I met one manager who is an alumni of my school and super chill and easy to talk to. I’m grabbing coffee tomorrow morning with a senior and then planning on having breakfast with my career coach, a manager, later this week.

A lot of the people that I’ve met so far have really inspired me, whether it’s the mentors I’ve made before my internship or the ones I’ve met during.

I know that right now, I can’t really give much back to the people who choose to invest in me. But I am definitely grateful for any help I get and will always do my best to pay it forward in the future.

I’ve also made friends with a lot of the other interns and they’re definitely my type of people.

Shadow a partner from the national office

The engagement leader also really likes this client and is here a lot. He’s energetic and has a super dynamic personality. Sometimes, he even does karate kicks in the audit room. I was lucky enough to shadow him for a meeting and also do a few research projects for him. One involved actually going through the client’s 10Q draft looking for grammar mistakes and another was researching on how many hundreds of dollars a 1 cent drop in earnings per share equaled to.

Once, I was sitting in my seat working on something when he came up and said brightly, “OPHELIA! What are you doing right now? >:D You look so focused!”

I, of course, was awkward as usual. BUT it’s all just a phase. One day, this awkwardness will disappear u__u… until then, though…

Do first-year work

What’s so cool is that interns can actually prepare EGAs! I know that this wasn’t always the case. So far, I’ve gotten exposure to a lot of first-year work which I specifically mentioned wanting early on in the internship. If I get full-time and come back to this client, having this prior experience will definitely be an advantage.

I don’t know what God’s plan for me is but I do know that I choose to follow it! Whether or not I get invited back, I’m excited to pay it forward in the future.

The other intern and I are also going to do a presentation on our favorite EGAs for the partner and other professionals on the team. I’m on this client the whole summer and the best part is that it’s only ten minutes, if that, from my house. Actually, these days it’s been more like seven minutes.

The mistake I mentioned before called Balcony Gate made me even more grateful for this internship. Not everything is perfect but I am so grateful for what I do have.

Sunday was a weird day. When I walked out to my car to get ready to go to the tailor, I saw that someone keyed the side of my car. It wasn’t a random “oops I was accidentally holding my key out and scratched your car” or “oops I’m a biker and I fell on your car” sort of scratch. It was like someone took their key and started scratching my car up on purpose.

THEN I was at my dad’s house and I fell down the stairs. It wasn’t the small stairs either. It was a full-on staircase. Ironically, I was thinking about my keyed up car before I slipped and fell. I only fell a few steps but it still hurt. Haha.

However, instead of going to bed feeling crappy, I actually went to bed feeling really really grateful for everything I have. At least I have a car… and one that has been very reliable so far and is super fun to drive. Like, this car is just so me guys. It’s a Lexus is300 and it is so me.

I went to bed feeling grateful for my parents, like my dad who saw how depressed I look and so he washed my car for me and now it looks great even with the scratches. And my mom who cares enough to want to pay my clothing alterations bill. Despite falling down the stairs or getting my car vandalized, I feel grateful that I even have a car and that I have people in my life who love me.

Above all, I feel grateful for God. So even if I didn’t have a car or a house, I’d still have hope and faith and that goes a long way. I really, really adore Him and I thank God everyday for everything He does for me, the people He put in my life and the things that I have.