Ophie’s Spots #1: Opus Sushi, Arcadia

Dine with Ophie! 

Had dinner with my mom today in Opus Sushi in Arcadia!


Located in a small plaza, Opus Sushi provides some of the best sushi I’ve had in Arcadia / the San Gabriel Valley while not being too pricey (it’s mid-range price level).


Some nice table decorations. The ambiance was interesting. It looked pretty sparse for a sushi restaurant on Saturday night. Despite that, the food was good, the service was acceptable and the ambiance was nice.


The very interestingly decorated salmon sashimi



I’ve had three kinds of salmon sashimi in my life: the ones I bought from Mitsuwa Supermarket in SG, the ones my dad (as someone who works in the seafood industry) would bring back home and the ones in restaurants. The salmon sashimi was pretty fat and tasted pretty fresh. It’s a lot pricier than say, the Sakura, in Rosemead but the quality is noticeably better.


Japanese sausage with spicy mustard on the side


Crunchy roll… the best crunchy roll I’ve ever had was interestingly at a sushi bar located in Brea Mall. This crunchy roll was not bad!


Then came the Gyoza!


And finally, the dragon rolls!


All-in-all, not bad! 🙂

Bonus: Dreamlab Gaming


Before meeting my mom for dinner at Opus Sushi, I went to game at a pc cafe in Arcadia called Dreamlab Gaming. It’s my usual spot to go gaming whenever I have the extra time or the craving to play some LoL.

The equipment here is actually not as great as it was last time. I had issues with the keyboard on one computer and the mouse on the other. There was also an awkward moment where I was gaming and then a guy took the seat next to me even though there were other seats in the row that were empty. I didn’t really mind or care until he started laughing and yelling at the screen loudly with his friend.


I was like, “hey! I’m trying to feed as Elise here! Can you cut a girl some slack?” It was like that one time at the movies where I went to watch Fifty Shades of Grey alone (for research purposes) and I was – I kid you not – sitting in a row of couples as far as I could see. There were three seats that remained empty to my right (I was sitting at the last seat on the left), and a guy and his girlfriend came up.

I had my purse settled in the seat next to me as if to say, “Err, I’m just waiting for someone. You know, he’s kinda late.”

He looked at it, then looked back up at me, then back at the purse and proceeded to sit in the seat next to it after the smallest of pauses.

Haha, yeah, it was an interesting day.




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