Mickey’s Halloween Party 2016 @ Disneyland


Me and my mom in matching Minnie Mouse hats, Nike sneakers and black-and-white tees. Totally not intentional. 

I treated my mom to a night out at Disneyland on Wednesday and it was fun! Tickets were $89/ea and I’d say very much worth it.


– Reserve tickets early! I bought tickets in September and some of the dates were already sold out. Tickets sell out pretty easily since it’s a reserved event.

– Download the Disneyland app when you come because it will show you everything you need on the map from attractions, dining, trick or treat trails and restrooms. SUPER helpful especially because the attraction wait times are also show on the app and will track your location to help you find your way through Disneyland.

– Repeat visits to trick or treat trails! My mom and I walked away with a lot of candy. Some of the stalls were kinda stingy, so we went to all of the trick or treat trails at least twice.

– Bring your own bag for candy cause they’ll just give you these small trick or treat bags. If you’re giving away candy, ask for extra treat bags.

– Bring your own water! I brought this big Nalgene water bottle and it was empty by the end of the night. That was money saved on expensive bottled water.

– Bring a camera

– Come 3 hours before the event starts (you’ll see it on your ticket) so you can have time to explore and map out what rides you want to go on first and everything.

– Eat, get your shopping done and etc before the party starts to save time so you can go on the really popular rides once the party starts and the wait times are halved. Get the less popular ones like Snow White’s Scary Adventures out of the way before the party starts.

– Arrive early to the parade for good seats.  

– If you’re getting dropped off and picked up, arrange to do so in the IHOP parking lot at 1560 S. Harbor Blvd. It’s right next to Disneyland and is about ten minutes or less from the actual entrance.


I enjoyed my night at Mickey’s Halloween Party! By 6pm, all the non wrist-band wearers were ushered out.

The wait times were a lot shorter. Haunted Mansion was about 25 minutes max, the Buzz Lightyear one was literally five minutes and some of the rides had no wait time. Space Mountain’s wait time was reduced to 10 minutes at one point.

They had good candy this year. I even found a YooHoo bar! They had Sour Patch Kids, Snickers, Kit-Kats, Milk Duds and Hersheys. For the healthier options, they had these delicious dried apple slices, carrots and apples… and cliff bars?

Parade was nice! Lots of villains.

However, the bad –

A disturbingly large amount of the cast members were grumpy. I mean, I know it’s not the easiest working in customer service but some of them were just really rude. My mom went to a gift shop in Tomorrowland and the guy at the counter was like “T_T”. There was also another rude cast member who just rolled her eyes and looked away when we were like, “Happy Halloween ^__^!” She was like “-_-” and just mildly threw one measly candy bar in our bag and didn’t say anything. WOMAN, I SAID HAPPY HALLOWEEN.  Even at the food places on Main Street, I noticed the workers giving attitude.

They did a horrible job of managing traffic around 9pm. It was the worst I had EVER seen. It was like LA traffic at 5pm on a weekday but with people. Literally, I had to take small geisha steps and getting through that humongous crowd packed with people took about 25 minutes – 25 precious minutes I could have spent exploring more rides. Da fuq, Disneyland?



YOU CAN WEAR COSTUMES AT MICKEY’S HALLOWEEN PARTY! Saw some great costumes here. I, however, didn’t want to wear black leggings and booties in 90 degree heat so I opted for shorts instead. One of the characters smiled and said, “Ooo! Girl, I love your outfit!” I was like “^.^ thanks!” Then he said, “Girl, are you Minnie Mouse goes to jail? Naughty Minnie Mouse XD?”




Pretty decorations!


This is my favorite picture that I took that night! Apparently, a lot of the Haunted Mansion  had new material for Halloween. The wait for the Haunted Mansion was only 20 to 25 minutes! It was a lovely ride!


The outside of the Haunted Mansion… more pumpkins!


It’s a Small World had these interesting animations on the building…



Bonus Pic: This blurry and sinister picture of a Panda. I call it, The Sinister Panda.


I love Tomorrowland! We went on the Buzz Lightyear Ride which had NO wait time and my mom beat me by 40,000 points. I let her off easy, guys. u_u That’s what a good daughter does, right? Hahaha

Then we went on this older ride called Star Wars Tours! It’s one of my mom’s favorite rides. I really liked it.



By 8pm, there were these  cool animations playing on Main Street.


The Headless Horseman came out to mark the beginning of the parade. He’s a new addition this year.




Creepy vampire things and people wearing stripes… like me!



I didn’t know his face expressions changed until I reviewed the photos on my camera later


Jack Skellington and Sally!


The Jack O Lanterns were really pretty!


I loved this! These were the dancing zombies!


The Haunted Mansion Float


My face in Audit sometimes


Creepy giant stilt-walking things



Loved how all the villains got to come out and have their moment! Again, I need to work on my motion and night photography.


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