A Review of Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas


Room 7415: Super comfy beds. There was no view of the strip but I did get to see the Eiffel tower from my room! 

ophelia_finishedThis week, my mother and I stayed in Vegas for two nights at the Nobu Hotel. My mom had enough Total Rewards points for us to stay for free except for the resort fee which came out to about $78 total. We stayed from December 19th to December 21st, a slower and more quiet period for the city that never sleeps.

While the Nobu resort is known for its exclusivity factor, is it worth paying extra for? This review will help you answer that question.


My mom booked the hotel online through Total Rewards. It was a simple process. We received our confirmation shortly after with no trouble or hiccups.

Check-In, Tea Welcoming and Chocolate-Gate: 

Checking in was easy. The taxi driver told us to check in at the Caesers palace desk. We decided to try checking in at the Nobu desk first. The taxi driver’s advice was incorrect. You should check in at Nobu directly and skip that huge line of guests waiting to get to their room.

The Nobu lobby is small, exquisitely decorated and took us about five minutes to find. There were two staff waiting at the desk who got us checked in in less than ten minutes. Nice, easy and simple.

To get to your floor, you will need to use your key card. The staff, Ella, showed us how. After handing us our key cards, she smiled and said, “If you need anything, my name is Ella!”

It was easy getting to our room. After putting your key card under the card reader, you select which floor you want and it’s as easy as that. The elevator was nicely decorated with modern art. Getting to the 74th floor took less than two minutes.

I asked Ella about the tea welcoming. She looked confused and said that there was a tea bar on the 72nd floor where you could get tea from 8am to 11am. Correction: the lounge is available well beyond 11am and the tea bar is VERY different from the tea welcoming that apparently only some of the guests receive.

A Renee told us that we would receive a traditional tea welcoming when I called to confirm our reservation the day before. Ella had no idea what I was talking about. What traditional tea welcoming that other reviewers have written about? I could have fought it, but I decided not to due to the jet lag and just not really caring. I could see why some people would be upset though, and I am not the only one who’s written about not receiving a traditional tea welcoming.

My aunt and uncle have stayed here on multiple occasions and said that they received chocolate on their bed as a welcoming. Hm, we did not receive any chocolate. We did get two bottles of water (that you can easily get in the lounge) as part of turndown service, as well as a little card that had a forecast for next day’s weather.  Well, the bottled water was a nice gesture regardless and I’m grateful we got to stay here on such a big discount.

The thing is, it wouldn’t be out of the question for us to pay to stay here. And if we did pay full price and didn’t receive the chocolate or tea welcoming, I would be upset. So consider that before booking. Ask them about it when you call in.



Nice sectional with some cool art by the window

Nobu advertises itself as a quiet place of solace hidden from the loudness and brashness of Vegas. I can confidently say that we never heard a peep from any of the other guests. However, since it’s a slower period the other rooms might not even have been booked. We only saw two other guests during this time, but I’m sure it will get more busy soon as New Years approaches.

I did pass by a suite in the hallway though and heard children audibly screaming, crying and banging on the door while their parents shouted at them.

 I read a review on TravelAdvisor about how there was a gap underneath the door and people in the other room could crouch down and look in. In this room, I did not see any cracks underneath the connecting door as there was a doorstopper.

Although the room is small, the beds are very comfortable and it’s well-designed.

The walls feature a soothing wave-like design. As you enter the restroom, you’re greeted with a  wide basin sink, a large shower and a makeup table behind the door. The shower is one of my favorite features of the room. Showering was a very relaxing experience because the shower is very well-designed and the sound it makes when the water hits the floor is very nice.

The bathroom was stocked with thoughtful amenities including shower caps, scrunches, toothpastes, q-tips and more. The rose-scented gel scrub and lotion smelled delicious.

The closet had two Nobu robes in black and white, and two pairs of slippers in black and white (wrapped in plastic).

There are a few outlets by the window and the sectional, next to the beds and in the bathroom. There is no desk but the lounge provides a nice place to work.


We had two queen beds that were very large, very fluffy and very comfortable. My aunt and uncle stayed here before and helped us book a room here. They raved about how comfortable the beds are… now I can see what they mean!


Wifi is available using Caesers’ internet connection and includes two devices per room at no additional charge. The internet was fast enough for me to stream movies and youtube videos. I was able to connect my Iphone within 10 minutes.



Sleek lounge and very quiet that morning

The lounge is very tastefully decorated and comes loaded with a tea bar and a mini-fridge with water bottles. As we entered, we were greeted with a glittering Christmas tree, a mute television playing a sitcom and a long wooden table with two Apple laptops available for guest use. There was also a nice sectional in the back. Plenty of place to sit.

The lounge is connected to a gym, which was empty this morning.


Complimentary tea and coffee bar. Tea selection included English breakfast teas and green teas. 

We passed by several staff that were either cleaning up the restrooms or restocking the fridge and hot water.


On the service, I would say that I’m neutral because while it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great either. Since this is a smaller hotel, we passed by the front desk a lot on our way back. While some of the staff at the front were nice, there were some who were a little snooty. By snooty, I mean looking up, giving a half-smile and looking away. Or even not looking up at all. In summary, Nobu Hotel boasts great customer service but some of the staff were rude or dismissive.

They have a 24/7 concierge service available as well as a virtual assistant called Ivy, with whom you can communicate by text.

Housekeeping and room service was exceptional. Rooms are clean and immaculate.

Regarding the service, I forgot my makeup remover so I called the front desk to see where I could purchase some. The woman helping me said that I could make a run to CVS or some of the forum shops. Instead of heading downstairs, I decided to make do with lotion. The next day, I came back to find that housekeeping had placed a packet of Nobu makeup remover on the counter.

I was quite impressed that they remembered such a small detail like this. The weird thing is that the woman at the desk didn’t seem to know they had makeup remover. It’s not like she’ll have a list of all amenities available, but I do believe she should have checked first.

Would I Pay for a Room Here?

With a going rate of $200-$300 per night, the Nobu hotel would be a nice place to stay. From my experience, it is very quiet here. I am not sure how it would be in a busy season though. While the rooms are small, the beds are comfortable and the design really is very nice.

Nobu is also very easy to find in Caesars hotel, which is located in the heart of the strip.

In conclusion, I would pay to stay here again. This is honestly the nicest hotel that I’ve ever stayed at. I will probably try one of the other nice hotels on the strip like the Bellagio or Aria before coming back, but if I travel for business in the future, the Nobu would be a place I’d like to stay at.



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