Christmas in The City of Lights (Las Vegas): Michael Jackson ONE, Bellagio Conservatory, Nobu Hotel, and The High Roller

We flew Virgin America from LAX to LAS. The flight was only 45 minutes, but was delayed on both trips by at least 15 minutes. But I can’t complain, it only cost $180 total for 2 people after all the fees and taxes were added in (got the tickets during Black Friday). Definitely beats driving.

Bellagio Conservatory

The conservatory was beautiful. I wish that we had went earlier because it got crowded around 9am and it was hard to really see everything. Regardless, Bellagio went all-out for Christmas.



Cute elves made of flowers


Polar bears with a lady standing in front of it wearing blue gloves and posing awkwardly


A tree with lights


A Christmas globe



There was this cute little train under the snow globe

The High Roller 

A show we bumped into on the way to the High Roller in Linq:


The High Roller cost about $30 per person at full-price and lasted half an hour. It was a nice experience and one to check off the list of things to do in Vegas. It’s not something I would pay for again, definitely, but the view was nice at the top and it can be a romantic experience if you’re going with your s.o. I went with my mom, so while it wasn’t romantic, it was cool!

We paid full price at a stall a few feet away from the Higher Roller. Doing this, we got to skip a huge line (at least 20 mins wait) waiting in the lobby. Before climbing onto the little pod they have, you get to buy some drinks in the lobby.

They also have a happy hour option where apparently you can have as many drinks as you want while in the pod. I think that’s such a cool idea and would have opted for it if I weren’t on vacation with my mom, haha (no shame, no shame).


There were about ~15 people in our pod


Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque Du Soleil

Michael Jackson ONE was an incredible experience. Although it only lasted about one and a half hours at most, it was a phenomenal show and I’d say worth the ticket price. For 2, we paid a total of ~ $265.

There was a slight interruption in the middle due to technical difficulties, which was disappointing, but the show kept me and my mom on edge the whole time. I chose this show over a comedy show due to the language barrier for my mom, who loved the music in this show and was able to follow along the entire way.

We only saw one other Cirque Du Soleil show, Mystere. Michael Jackson ONE has more of a focus on dancing and hip-hop than acrobatics.

We sat in row LL, which gave us a good view of all the action. It was a little distant from the stage but we didn’t have to crane our necks to see anything. I also splurged on a whopping $14 frozen marguerita for the show and it was worth it, because like my great great great aunt always stressed the importance of a good cocktail.








Before the show, there were cast members outside with cameras taking pictures of guests coming in. These pictures would be posted up on the sides of the theater as shown above.

Guests sitting near the front would, similar to Mystere, have more interaction with the cast members. This time, the cast members were also in red trenchcoats and would swarm around one or two audience members and take pictures in allude to Michael Jackson’s “Privacy”.

There’s a hologram of Michael Jackson near the end which is really cool.



We also stayed at Nobu Hotel, a boutique and luxury hotel located inside of Caesars Palace and right next to the Nobu restaurant. You can read the review HERE.



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