Chado Tea Room (Los Angeles) Review

I visited Chado Tea Room with my mom in late March to celebrate her birthday. We used a Groupon for a tea tasting for 2 which can be purchased for $30 at Groupon. All-in-all, it’s a pretty great deal. (The usual price would have been $60 for two but I really don’t feel that would be worth it considering the actual quality and amount of food you get and the tea tasting itself.)

Deal Here 


We visited Chado Tea Room with a reservation for 11am, right at opening time. At 11:15, we knocked on the glass door as they were still closed and that’s when one of the servers came out to get us. On a Thursday afternoon, the restaurant was basically empty.

I called the day before to confirm our reservation only to find that whoever took the reservation hadn’t written it down. That’s more than an annoyance when it says on Groupon that you can’t use the promotion without making a reservation. Whoever answered the phone was also rushed and a little impolite. When I thanked him for his help and was about to hang up, I heard him let out a sarcastic laugh right before he hung up.

That experience put a bad taste in my mouth but maybe the food and the tea would sweeten it up a little.


The decor, they said that the tables by the windows were reserved… nobody came in the entire hour my mother and I were there. 




The tea menu 


Once we sat down, we had our choice of most of the tea menu at Chado. Two teapots for two people. I love strong teas and the teas were not very strong (the tea at the dim sum place near my house is actually stronger and better-tasting imo). We selected an Oolong blend and a Green tea blend.


The tea pot arrived with a cute kitty on top. The downside? The tea pot had brown stains on it. I get that white tea pots are hard to not get stained because tea is very staining but if Chado brands itself as a fancy tea room, stained diningware is not the best look.

The upside is that they have soups and salads for $2 and my mom really liked her tomato basil soup!

When we received our snacks, we got one tier tray of desserts and sandwiches. The amount of food is good enough for brunch for two but maybe not for breakfast or lunch.


Tray of sandwiches, scones and desserts (one of each for two people) 


My mom really enjoyed the scones! They were warm and fluffy.


The dessert was tasty as well! The chocolate glazing was a nice touch. 


The assortment of sandwiches were delish! I also really liked the smoked salmon on toast they had. 

The actual tea tasting:

The server came out with some teas for us to try. All these teas are made of the same plant that’s been brewed in different ways from different countries around the world. The teas tasted unique and were exceptional. The server also told us the story of how each of the teas were made and did a good job answering our questions. Although, it seemed at one point like he was talking really fast just so he could get this whole message over with (I hope he gets paid enough to do this for every tea tasting. We did leave him a nice tip for his time).


The last cup of tea on the far left is my favorite!


After our brunch at Chado, my mom and I then went shopping in Little Tokyo! It was a very nice day :).


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