My Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal Experience


After getting my wisdom teeth removed. Cheek became HUGE a few days later.

I got my wisdom teeth on my left side removed about a month ago. I’m healing nicely so far but the recovery process was a bit difficult so I thought it would be worthwhile to write about my experience in case it would help anyone.

Both of my wisdom teeth were impacted, the upper one had been bothering me for almost two years and frequently got infected or even when it wasn’t it kept trying to push through and was uber painful. Both of them were either partially emerged or in the gum.

The Removal:

Local anesthetic with nitrous

Total Cost: $865 with nitrous at $65

The removal was quick and took less than ten minutes. Basically all the specialist did day-in and day-out was remove wisdom teeth so he did it like a pro and it did NOT hurt at all. I felt a little bit of pressure and cracking but he was otherwise very gentle. The nitrous oxide helped and made me feel happy. I highly recommend the nitrous, yo!

I’m happy I wasn’t put under for this because it seems like it would’ve been a waste.

Also, my dentist gave me two Edwards movie tickets. I’ve been going to my dentist for years now and have had a great experience! She did my Invisalign as well and helped me with everything from fillings to cleanings to my past root canals so I feel lucky to have a supportive dentist. Her name is Dr. Peggy Kang and her office is 4Ever Smile located in San Gabriel. What I appreciate most about Dr. Peggy is that she doesn’t try to sell me on procedures and is honest.

The specialist (his name escapes me) comes into Dr. Peggy’s office to help with wisdom teeth removal. Like I said, he was really quick and efficient. Didn’t hurt at all!

At least I had something to look forward to once I recovered. I’m going to catch a movie with my good friend this week (Bible study and frozen yogurt, then Boss Baby, and then probably dinner at Applebee’s woooo!).

The Recovery:

Lord, help me. This was the worst part of the entire process.

Day One to Day Two

Day One as in the day of the surgery. I came home and felt fine. I felt fine enough to exercise (which I didn’t of course) and fine enough to walk around freely. There was lots of bleeding but that was controlled by the gauze. I bit down on the gauze for the first two hours and when it got soaked I removed it and then packed in some more gauze like my dentist’s assistants showed me how to.

The first two days I binged on Real Housewives of Atlanta and ate lots of porridge and got lots of rest. Speaking of RHOA, YASSS!! This is the first reality show I’ve seen where I really like the cast and connect with them. My favorite is definitely Kenya. She is hilarious and makes this show. #IwantMOORE! I’m on season 9 right now and Sheri is pretty cool too!

Day Three to Day Four

Day Three was when things got pretty bad. I guess I didn’t coat my stomach enough with food for the pain meds (they put me on hydrocodone) because I started getting queasy whenever I took the pain meds. The pain meds would make me throw up and feel nauseous so I stopped taking them.

Dun dun dun! The throbbing in my jaw and the pain wasn’t as bad as the nausea from the pain meds though. But it was not fun. I went to my dentist panicking a few times because I didn’t know if the pain was normal. She assured me that I was healing extremely well and to just get some rest and relax.

I was afraid of getting dry socket but I actually turned out okay! The hole in my upper gum, according to my dentist, sealed up in less than a week.

To prevent dry socket, I avoided straws and vigorous exercise. Other than that, all I could do was wait.

Day Five to Day Six

I was still experiencing intense swelling and throbbing. Ibuprofen helped a lot but the pain went away and soon I could eat normally (within day seven or eight). I used the syringe they gave me on day four on both my upper and lower extraction sites and had no issues. I rinsed with salt water at least three times a day and made sure to eat things that wouldn’t get stuck in the extraction sites.

By the second week, I started to feel much better. It’s been over a month now and the hole for my lower wisdom tooth hasn’t sealed up yet but it’s been healing.

I am very grateful that I’ve been healing fine. I certainly felt very worried during those days of healing because I didn’t know if the pain was normal and I was afraid of getting dry socket. So I followed the specialist’s instructions to a T and tried not to do too many Google searches (haha).

Then it was all fine! :] Thank You, Lord!

I still have my right ones in but I’m still debating if I should get those taken out or not.



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