PS VITA Reviews: Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and Tearaway

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time



This was my first Sly Cooper game and I really enjoyed it. The graphics are very clear and the plot is downright adorable. From the beginning, Sly Cooper caught my attention and there was never a moment when I was bored while playing this game. What I enjoyed most was the wide cast of characters you got to play and how each of them had their own unique gameplay.

I played this game while I was traveling and it did not disappoint. It was long enough to last the entire time I was overseas and some more when I got home.

What I liked most about this game were its missions, the story, the characters – pretty much everything! The best part? There were no bugs (*cough* Uncharted *cough*).


Sly helping his cousin Tennessee Cooper break out of jail.

The missions are fun and unique. You get to play as Sly, his friends, his ancestors from the past including a samurai, a cowboy and a caveman and his love interest Carmelita. My favorite was definitely playing Tennessee Cooper and he had this unique shooter mode thing that was really cool.

The music sounds upbeat and quickly wraps you up into Sly’s world. The maps are also fun to explore with treasures you can find and sidequests that are enough to keep you engaged.

I really couldn’t have asked for more from this game. The characters and the plot drew me in. The missions were fun and made me feel almost like I was at Disneyland (if you haven’t noticed by now I’m a total kid at heart). I’d stop and find myself smiling like crazy. It’s that fun.

The graphics were clear and very pretty. It was exciting from start to finish. This is definitely a keeper for your library and has some serious replay value. If I have kids one day who like to play video games as well and are like, “Mommy! I want to play video games!” I’ll smile wisely, pull out my old PS Vita and say, “Did someone say video games?” This is a game I would want them to play.



I think this is the funnest PS Vita game I’ve played yet and I recommend it greatly.



Tearway is one of the flagship games of the PS Vita. If you’re a PS Vita owner and you don’t have this game, you’re missing out! Tearaway takes advantage of every single unique feature the PS Vita has. It makes full use of the PS Vita’s awesome features.

Tearway tells the story of a messenger who travels through a world of paper to give something to its ‘You’… which is… surprise… you! Throughout its journey, you’ll help it navigate all obstacles in this world using everything from the touch screen to your camera to the PS Vita’s rearpad. You get to make crowns for squirrels, defeat the scraps and help your messenger jump to great heights with just a touch of your finger.

The gameplay is fun and unique and refreshing and the music is beautiful. This is a game that just kinda takes you by the hand and spins you into a world of color. I like to play games to get immersed in a new world and Tearaway did just that.



If I could point out something I didn’t like it, its that the controls and camera angle get a bit clunky towards the end and the game is short for the price. But this is a game that was custom-made for the PS Vita and helps people see what this little device is really capable of. I’d say it’s worth it if you have some time and money to spare and want to see what the PS Vita can really do.

Anyway, I’ll be coming out with some more PS Vita reviews in the future as well as a … review of the PS Vita itself! 🙂 I just finished taking the first major section of my CPA exam so I’ll have more time to play on the PS4 as well and FINALLY wrap up the newest Uncharted game.



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