Spoke Too Soon

Looks like I spoke too soon. My other wisdom tooth, the one that hasn’t been removed yet, started acting up on Sunday and hurt badly enough for me to not be able to finish studying today. I’m seeing my dentist yet again tomorrow to make sure there’s no infection. On top of that, maybe I’m just being paranoid but a new spot appeared where my impetigo had been. I’m calling a dermatologist tomorrow to set up an appointment.

I do feel really upset that it seems like one health thing is just following another, but I choose to have faith. Not just that I’ll heal and be able to feel normal again one day but that God will help me accomplish all the goals He wants me to pursue even when I don’t feel my best. That includes taking my CPA exam, the next section of which is coming next month.

I just choose to have faith and remain grateful for everything God has given me – good friends, a future career, parents who love me and much, much more. I also want to take advantage of the here and now so as soon as I start feeling better again I want to go and just do something fun.


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