Waiting, Anxiously

So last night, just as I was feeling a little bit better from the TMJ, I ended up tearing off half my toenail on one of my toes. It started bleeding and was really painful…

And then I just really ran to God and started asking Him how I could make this stop. And the answer I got was from Hosea. I realized that I really have changed in ways that have distanced me from God. So I’ve been praying that He would stop these health incidents and I feel that the key to it is really deepening my relationship with Him again and walking more closely with Him like I did those years ago.

I’ll do just that. Every day is its own battle but I’m going to stick by as close to my God as I can and just pray, pray that He won’t let another health incident happen. I pray that it will end here.

Hoping and praying…

I have no idea what to expect.


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