That Asian Ophie


I’ve been seeing videos on social media that are titled ’15 Types of Asian Girls!’ or ‘What Do Asian Girls Like?’ Although these videos are for comedic purposes and not meant to be taken seriously, they’re a little irritating because… why can’t a girl just be a girl without having to be referred to as Asian?

For instance, the United Airlines incident. There are people on Twitter or social media who make Asian jokes about the doctor who was involved. They tweet things like, “Go to United Airlines if you want Chinese takeout.” Although he is not even Chinese, I find it interesting that people refer to him as an ‘Asian doctor’ or ‘Asian’ or ‘Chinese’ as if that has some bearing on the incident itself. He’s an American citizen who pays taxes just like you and me and he had a bad experience on an airplane. What relevance does it REALLY have if he’s Asian?

In my previous post about UA, I wrote about wondering whether or not this incident would have occurred if he had not been Asian due to the way that Asians are portrayed in the media (friendly, doesn’t want any trouble, easygoing)/ Although there is a very real incident of Asians being portrayed stereo typically in the media (if they’re even on these shows at all), even Dao’s own lawyer admitted that this wasn’t an incident related to race.

Once someone says, “Regarding the incident that occurred with the ASIAN DOCTOR who was on the airplane” I’m immediately turned off. Why can’t he just be a doctor?

Back to the issue though, I watched a video that listed all the types of Asian Girls and it disturbed me a little. Why can’t an Asian girl just be a human being who doesn’t have to fit a particular category? So I like video games, I don’t wear full-on makeup every time I step out of the house, I’m focused on my career and I love working out – why can’t I just be Ophie instead of being a ‘yappie/fitness Asian girl/Normal Asian Girl/nerdy Asian girl”? Btw, yappie stands for Young Asian Professional. Why can’t a Yappie just be a Yuppie?

So if an Asian girl dyed her hair blonde, started wearing circle contacts and went to clubs a lot, she’d called an ABG by some and then people would assume things like maybe she’s not the sharpest pencil in the box or she’s got an attitude.

If I see such a person outside, I don’t gasp and think, “She’s an Asian baby girl. She’s probably an import model (as the stereotype goes).” I just think she’s attractive. For all I know (and care) she could be going to med school or pursuing a career in design.

My issue is that these types of posts and acronyms are perpetuating stereotypes.

Listing ’10 Types of Asians You See on the Street’ has the risk of making the Asian community look like we’re television characters or people in a play. Not real. Not human beings with unique personalities but little barbie dolls encased in plastic cases with a little string that you pull to make them say something oh-so-typically ‘Asian’.

And as a last note, the lack of Asians in mainstream media has always bothered me. When I grew up, I found that all the characters in the stories I wrote were Caucasian. It never occurred to me why until I realized later on that most of the actors I saw in movies or people I read about in books weren’t Asian. Thankfully that’s changing and more diversity is being introduced these days.

There are some who are threatened by the increasing diversity we have in this country. America was formed on a foundation of immigrants and the unique cultures each of us brings. Many immigrants, such as my own family, are small business owners and help to stimulate this economy by paying taxes and creating jobs. I am a strong believer that making this country more diverse and bringing people of all color into mainstream media is one of the ways that we can truly “make American great again”.


Spoke Too Soon

Looks like I spoke too soon. My other wisdom tooth, the one that hasn’t been removed yet, started acting up on Sunday and hurt badly enough for me to not be able to finish studying today. I’m seeing my dentist yet again tomorrow to make sure there’s no infection. On top of that, maybe I’m just being paranoid but a new spot appeared where my impetigo had been. I’m calling a dermatologist tomorrow to set up an appointment.

I do feel really upset that it seems like one health thing is just following another, but I choose to have faith. Not just that I’ll heal and be able to feel normal again one day but that God will help me accomplish all the goals He wants me to pursue even when I don’t feel my best. That includes taking my CPA exam, the next section of which is coming next month.

I just choose to have faith and remain grateful for everything God has given me – good friends, a future career, parents who love me and much, much more. I also want to take advantage of the here and now so as soon as I start feeling better again I want to go and just do something fun.


Reaching For Righteousness


So far, so good. It’s been a few days since I’ve finally started feeling normal again. By normal I mean less itchiness, swollenness or infections. I am very, very grateful that I feel normal (at least, for the most part). Apparently, the swollen gums from my last post were from a weakened immune system so I’m really glad I’ve been taking these probiotics lately. I really do feel a difference!

I’ve also had more time these days. Studying for the Audit section of the CPA exam has been chiller than studying for FAR. I study more efficiently now so I’ve been able to save more time and retain information better than when I first started. I’m on track with studying with time to spare.

Now hat I’m feeling better, I’ve noticed something important. I’ve realized that I’ve been staying at home quite often. Although I do take walks in the morning and play tennis sometimes, I feel like I should be doing more.

There are moments when I feel worried that I’m not doing enough or that I’m not challenging myself as much as I should. My track-record says somewhat differently. I’ve been able to mentor a lot of other students, profit from a hobby that I enjoy, get a job offer with a great firm, be super involved on campus and help make a change but now I’m floating in momentum.

It feels like the train’s come to a slow and steady stop.

That’s because I don’t start work until September and I put freelancing on hold so I could study full-time. Besides a few good friends, I haven’t really talked to anyone since graduating and I don’t plan to walk. In those moments of worry, I’ve been praying and asking God ways that I can really pursue a righteous life. Maybe not a fast-paced and exciting one – but at life that really pleases Him and where I can have the assurance again that I’m helping Him make a difference in the world in some way (even if it’s a small difference).

I asked God how I could pursue righteousness and I knew that this started with reading His word regularly again. And I felt Him lead me to the book of Acts. And what an experience that has been. I’m seeing all these ways that the early apostles and the early church served God, boldly preached His good news and gave to all who were in need. Although I’m not yet at the point where I can sell all my possessions to give to the poor, I want to serve God step-by-step more-and-more each moment of my life. I want to serve God and be proud of my faith and not be afraid to share it with others even if it risks me getting ridiculed or outcasted.

It seems that it’s best to start with smaller steps at first. So – I’ve decided to give going to church again another try. I’ve visited many churches in the past two years and have never really made a connection with any of them that made me want to stay. BUT I’m going to start trying again and see where that takes me. In the meantime, I’ll keep you all updated and please let me know if you have any tips for fellowship or anything church-related. I’d really appreciate it! 🙂


No One’s Good Enough



I’m a perfectionist. So it’s easy for me to idealize myself or the way things in my life should be.. When something deviates from that, it frustrates me. Being a perfectionist can lead to a feeling of duplicity and then anxiety. There’s moments when I accomplish my goals and feel really great about myself but then moments where I fail or when I do something that doesn’t ‘seem like me’ and I feel frustrated and, for lack of a better word, worthless.

In the end, I read something today that showed me simply that I’ll never really be good enough during my time on this earth to be perfect. That idea I have in my mind of the way things should be may never come to fruition. If I was perfect and I could line up my Ps and Qs perfectly, then Jesus wouldn’t have had to die for me. But He did die for me and because of what He did, I can be perfect in God’s eyes without having to BE perfect. And that’s the beauty of the Resurrection and what Jesus did to me.

He freed us from the law and helped us find freedom in His grace. There’s no need to perch up on your toes so you can meet a minimum requirement. You can meet it just by coming as you are.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10 That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships,in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Corinthians 12:9-11 

I fail God every day. There’s no skating around this fact. But He died for my sins when I didn’t know Him or even wanted to know Him.

It’s been eight years in my journey with Christ and back then, before I chose to follow Him, I seriously doubted that I would ever call myself a Christian. It took me a week to even consider giving faith a try. One of the things that changed my mind was reading the Psalms every night out loud and realizing that God was far different than who I thought He was. He’s a merciful and kind God who’s understanding and slow to anger. Although He’s not by any means safe, He’s not some sort of angry Zeus in the sky launching lightning bolts at people like they are extras in The Purge.

At this time, I didn’t deserve in the least to know God or have a relationship with Him. Regardless, He was looking out for me and I discovered Him even when all the odds were against it.

So to be right with God, I don’t need to be perfect. I just need to come to Him every single day and when He offers me that cup of living water or solace in His arms, I’ll do my best to choose to accept.

And so, Romans 5:6 is one of my ‘life verses’, a verse that means so much to you that you remember it by heart. I’m proud to share it with you here today :-).

You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. 

Romans 5:6 


More Pictures from Asia


The Penguin COcktail and Tea I had at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. It was YUMMM!!


There were so many penguins in this hotel. It was uber cute.


Like, dang yo!


PENGUIN! We got a view of the penguins from our table at lunch and it was SOOO CUTE! 


Penguin selfie!


If you’re wondering whether I wore the same outfit my entire time in China, the answer is a proud YASSSSS!


Noodle Shop in Guangzhou!



PS VITA Reviews: Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and Tearaway

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time



This was my first Sly Cooper game and I really enjoyed it. The graphics are very clear and the plot is downright adorable. From the beginning, Sly Cooper caught my attention and there was never a moment when I was bored while playing this game. What I enjoyed most was the wide cast of characters you got to play and how each of them had their own unique gameplay.

I played this game while I was traveling and it did not disappoint. It was long enough to last the entire time I was overseas and some more when I got home.

What I liked most about this game were its missions, the story, the characters – pretty much everything! The best part? There were no bugs (*cough* Uncharted *cough*).


Sly helping his cousin Tennessee Cooper break out of jail.

The missions are fun and unique. You get to play as Sly, his friends, his ancestors from the past including a samurai, a cowboy and a caveman and his love interest Carmelita. My favorite was definitely playing Tennessee Cooper and he had this unique shooter mode thing that was really cool.

The music sounds upbeat and quickly wraps you up into Sly’s world. The maps are also fun to explore with treasures you can find and sidequests that are enough to keep you engaged.

I really couldn’t have asked for more from this game. The characters and the plot drew me in. The missions were fun and made me feel almost like I was at Disneyland (if you haven’t noticed by now I’m a total kid at heart). I’d stop and find myself smiling like crazy. It’s that fun.

The graphics were clear and very pretty. It was exciting from start to finish. This is definitely a keeper for your library and has some serious replay value. If I have kids one day who like to play video games as well and are like, “Mommy! I want to play video games!” I’ll smile wisely, pull out my old PS Vita and say, “Did someone say video games?” This is a game I would want them to play.



I think this is the funnest PS Vita game I’ve played yet and I recommend it greatly.



Tearway is one of the flagship games of the PS Vita. If you’re a PS Vita owner and you don’t have this game, you’re missing out! Tearaway takes advantage of every single unique feature the PS Vita has. It makes full use of the PS Vita’s awesome features.

Tearway tells the story of a messenger who travels through a world of paper to give something to its ‘You’… which is… surprise… you! Throughout its journey, you’ll help it navigate all obstacles in this world using everything from the touch screen to your camera to the PS Vita’s rearpad. You get to make crowns for squirrels, defeat the scraps and help your messenger jump to great heights with just a touch of your finger.

The gameplay is fun and unique and refreshing and the music is beautiful. This is a game that just kinda takes you by the hand and spins you into a world of color. I like to play games to get immersed in a new world and Tearaway did just that.



If I could point out something I didn’t like it, its that the controls and camera angle get a bit clunky towards the end and the game is short for the price. But this is a game that was custom-made for the PS Vita and helps people see what this little device is really capable of. I’d say it’s worth it if you have some time and money to spare and want to see what the PS Vita can really do.

Anyway, I’ll be coming out with some more PS Vita reviews in the future as well as a … review of the PS Vita itself! 🙂 I just finished taking the first major section of my CPA exam so I’ll have more time to play on the PS4 as well and FINALLY wrap up the newest Uncharted game.



My Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal Experience


After getting my wisdom teeth removed. Cheek became HUGE a few days later.

I got my wisdom teeth on my left side removed about a month ago. I’m healing nicely so far but the recovery process was a bit difficult so I thought it would be worthwhile to write about my experience in case it would help anyone.

Both of my wisdom teeth were impacted, the upper one had been bothering me for almost two years and frequently got infected or even when it wasn’t it kept trying to push through and was uber painful. Both of them were either partially emerged or in the gum.

The Removal:

Local anesthetic with nitrous

Total Cost: $865 with nitrous at $65

The removal was quick and took less than ten minutes. Basically all the specialist did day-in and day-out was remove wisdom teeth so he did it like a pro and it did NOT hurt at all. I felt a little bit of pressure and cracking but he was otherwise very gentle. The nitrous oxide helped and made me feel happy. I highly recommend the nitrous, yo!

I’m happy I wasn’t put under for this because it seems like it would’ve been a waste.

Also, my dentist gave me two Edwards movie tickets. I’ve been going to my dentist for years now and have had a great experience! She did my Invisalign as well and helped me with everything from fillings to cleanings to my past root canals so I feel lucky to have a supportive dentist. Her name is Dr. Peggy Kang and her office is 4Ever Smile located in San Gabriel. What I appreciate most about Dr. Peggy is that she doesn’t try to sell me on procedures and is honest.

The specialist (his name escapes me) comes into Dr. Peggy’s office to help with wisdom teeth removal. Like I said, he was really quick and efficient. Didn’t hurt at all!

At least I had something to look forward to once I recovered. I’m going to catch a movie with my good friend this week (Bible study and frozen yogurt, then Boss Baby, and then probably dinner at Applebee’s woooo!).

The Recovery:

Lord, help me. This was the worst part of the entire process.

Day One to Day Two

Day One as in the day of the surgery. I came home and felt fine. I felt fine enough to exercise (which I didn’t of course) and fine enough to walk around freely. There was lots of bleeding but that was controlled by the gauze. I bit down on the gauze for the first two hours and when it got soaked I removed it and then packed in some more gauze like my dentist’s assistants showed me how to.

The first two days I binged on Real Housewives of Atlanta and ate lots of porridge and got lots of rest. Speaking of RHOA, YASSS!! This is the first reality show I’ve seen where I really like the cast and connect with them. My favorite is definitely Kenya. She is hilarious and makes this show. #IwantMOORE! I’m on season 9 right now and Sheri is pretty cool too!

Day Three to Day Four

Day Three was when things got pretty bad. I guess I didn’t coat my stomach enough with food for the pain meds (they put me on hydrocodone) because I started getting queasy whenever I took the pain meds. The pain meds would make me throw up and feel nauseous so I stopped taking them.

Dun dun dun! The throbbing in my jaw and the pain wasn’t as bad as the nausea from the pain meds though. But it was not fun. I went to my dentist panicking a few times because I didn’t know if the pain was normal. She assured me that I was healing extremely well and to just get some rest and relax.

I was afraid of getting dry socket but I actually turned out okay! The hole in my upper gum, according to my dentist, sealed up in less than a week.

To prevent dry socket, I avoided straws and vigorous exercise. Other than that, all I could do was wait.

Day Five to Day Six

I was still experiencing intense swelling and throbbing. Ibuprofen helped a lot but the pain went away and soon I could eat normally (within day seven or eight). I used the syringe they gave me on day four on both my upper and lower extraction sites and had no issues. I rinsed with salt water at least three times a day and made sure to eat things that wouldn’t get stuck in the extraction sites.

By the second week, I started to feel much better. It’s been over a month now and the hole for my lower wisdom tooth hasn’t sealed up yet but it’s been healing.

I am very grateful that I’ve been healing fine. I certainly felt very worried during those days of healing because I didn’t know if the pain was normal and I was afraid of getting dry socket. So I followed the specialist’s instructions to a T and tried not to do too many Google searches (haha).

Then it was all fine! :] Thank You, Lord!

I still have my right ones in but I’m still debating if I should get those taken out or not.