Updates: Taking FAR, United Airlines


I just took FAR today, April 10th at noon. Used Becker and Becker covered absolutely everything I saw.

I’m not going to reveal what I saw on the test but I can make some general comments about the level of difficulty that I personally experienced and keep it vague.

Overall, it wasn’t too bad. Not what I expected for sure.

The MCQs were no more than 33 each. The first one was actually pretty straightforward and easy. The second one was a bit more difficult in that it went more towards application and had more calculation problems (which I struggle with). I didn’t have time to doublecheck my answers so that is what I’m worried about.

Then the three testlets were for SIMs. I heard that the exam was harder now and the SIMs were going to be long and complicated with lots of stuff for you to sort through. I kinda pictured sitting in a hot testing room where the computer screen was dim and I was taking the test on Windows 95. But actually, the Prometric I went to had great accommodations and I felt very comfortable. The SIMs were not crushingly difficult, in fact, I got one that shocked me with how simple it was. It was crazy simple and I triple-checked that problem to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

The second SIMS testlet was harder but it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. There was only one question that had a bunch of resource documents to sort through and even then they kinda made it obvious what you should look for and what you should not look for. The hardest question was the one where I wasn’t quite sure what they were asking me and by the time I got to the final sims I felt really drained.

Overall, I don’t know how I did but I can tell you that

a.) There are more SIMS but it looks like they have some that seem really simple to kind of even it out (or maybe I just bombed and got easy SIMs haha).

b.) Becker did an excellent job preparing me for the exam because every single thing on there was in the book. SOme of the questions were even similar.

c.) BRING EARPLUGS! When I took them out I could hear a guy coughing and sneezing hahaha.

d.) If I could go back, I’d do more Ninja and Becker MCQs but I already studied the best that I could before the exam….

So I guess we’ll just see what happens in August! (so bummed we don’t find out till August :/)

Also, Roger CPA outlined a time strategy that REALLY helped me! I had 2 and a hours left for the SIMS which were really, really helpful.

Testlet 1 – 45 mins
Testlet 2 – 45 mins
Testlet 3 – 30 mins
Testlet 4 – 60 mins
Testlet 5 – 60 ,mins

I ended the exam three minutes early and had time to double check my SIMs! Before I started, I wrote down the time checkpoints (so the first batch of MCQs was from 4 to 3:15). It helped me not panic as much during the exam XD.

I left feeling exhausted. I’ve been studying like crazy for this exam and I hope it pays off. Those four hours were pretty draining and I kinda wish I hadn’t studied before the exam today because that definitely made me feel a bit more tired going in.

All-in-all though, the events lately have helped me to realize how important it is for me to look to God for things in my life. In this, I mean that before I started getting random health conditions popping up almost sequentially, I lived life with God kind of in the background.

The CPA exam and the events of late have helped me to see how important it is to always keep hoping in Christ. I used to keep a prayer journal and write in it every morning but I realized that by doing so, I would just write one entry and then forget about it the rest of the day. Rather, forget about God (as bad as that sounds). I was in a way compartmentalizing my relationship with Him when I should be aware of His presence much more than that.

And that just brings me to how I was feeling after leaving Prometric. Although I didn’t double-check my answers and felt really worried, I found that I have a steady hope in God. No matter what happens, I truly tried my best and God will come through for me. I have the same feeling that I did after the case competition that I truly thought that I did not do well in or was even going to be selected for. As a flower looks to the sun, I want to keep my face and heart open to God and just wait with hope.

Also, in the car I thought about what my career coach from my internship said. He told me that his mentor said that it didn’t matter how well he did compared to the guy next to him. As long as he tried his best, that’s what mattered. And my career coach is someone extremely driven in his career.

So I tried my best and that is what matters. And if I didn’t pass, what matters is that I don’t give up because at least there’s no limit to how many times we can retake the test (for now). But I feel in my heart that this is something God just might want to give me. Since I won’t find out until August, I’ll simply have to wait.


Also, the incident with United Airlines assaulting a passenger and literally DRAGGING him off the plane has disgusted me. Quality-wise, you don’t get much from UA for the price you pay versus just going with a budget airline.

I find it appalling that after the way they assaulted that man that the CEO would paint the passenger out to be an inconvenience, “having to ‘reaccomodate’ the passenger. The only mistake that passenger made was choosing to fly with United.

And although I’m not posting angry comments on their Facebook, this is something I will remember every time I’m choosing an airline ticket.

People say that it’s within the airline’s right to boot passengers from the plane and that overbooking is a standard airline procedure. But the amount of force they used to remove that man from his seat and drag him across the aisle half-naked in front of his own passengers was unwarranted to put it mildly. What if that was your father? What if he was your son? Or your brother?

The follow-up video of seeing him get back onto the plane and standing in the back muttering that he had to get home and that they should just kill him sent chills through me.

There was a lot more they could’ve done. They could’ve upped their offer to passengers who were willing to get off the plane. They could’ve tried to find other volunteers or reperformed the search algorithm. Any rational person would’ve understood that this man was a doctor and seen his determination to stay on that plane and try to find another passenger.

Also, Asians are portrayed a certain way in the media as being submissive and easy to push around and bully. Could that have played a role in this incident? Could they have been this forceful because they believed they could push him around and it wouldn’t have as much of a consequence?

Regardless, whatever his race was, I’d be equally outraged because that could’ve been me or someone in my family.

If he was being belligerent and throwing fists around and splashing water into people’s face, I would understand. But it seems like all he did was just refuse to move. He was probably rude about it but the way he continued to refuse to get out of his seat even with the goons approaching would’ve been an obvious indication that he wasn’t going to leave peacefully. For the sake of the other passengers as well, that’s why they should’ve known when to give up and find someone else or up their offer.

And even if he was rude, it does not ever justify the amount of force they used to remove him and the way they treated him. That’s someone’s son.

Even if this ‘blows over’ for United Airlines in a few days, if I have my way they won’t ever have a cent of my business again. I don’t want to give my business to an airline that treats its passengers like human cattle to be prodded off planes with electric shockers and bodyslammers.

I also find the cavalier response of not just the CEO but certain late night comedians insulting. Conan O’Brien did a segment where they forced an audience member to sit in an empty seat. The actor was wearing the same clothes as the man in the video. And they he talked about the incident was very light-hearted and like he honestly didn’t give a sh*t.

Others are saying that there’s no such thing as a victim or he must’ve done something to deserve it. From a firsthand account of the incident at this video here (Fox News), it seems like all he did was refuse to leave and was rude about it. Anyone who’s worked in customer service knows what to do when you’re dealing with an uncooperative customer, you just have to compromise and try to make the most of the situation and not call the squad.